Happy Birthday To Me

The Ultimate Espresso MachineNo, it’s not my birthday yet. It’s about two weeks away. Before we went to bed last night my husband said, “What if someone got you a birthday present that was so cool that you wish they had given it to you earlier, rather than make you wait for your birthday.” Suffice it to say, I gave him permission to give me his gift early and he told me he’d have it ready the next morning.

Sitting on the counter waiting for me today was the Gaggia Accademia espresso machine. I about peed my pants. This thing does everything but wipe the drool off your face when you’re standing there completely overcome by its awesomeness.

Gaggia Accademia coffeemaker

Can you even stand its awesomeness?!

To say that my little family likes coffee is a huge understatement. We’ve been through way too many machines over the years, looking for the perfect maker. I think the real problem is that my husband and I have both spent a considerable amount of time in Italy which caused us to be seriously disappointed in every cup we’ve had in America since then. Even my daughter who has traveled quite a bit can tell you that the best cappuccino she ever had was at a flea market in Paris. Totally spoiled, I know, but she really is a very nice girl, and if it makes you feel better, she is short, which I’m sure is payback for that perfect cappuccino when she was 13.

So here I sit, with a big stupid grin on my face, an empty cup beside me, trying to type with hands that are so jittery that my spellcheck feature has abandoned me, and all I can think about is that even in this day and age, it’s so important for girls to marry well. (thanks, Hon, you’re the best!)


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Beyond fantastic Karen. The most absurdly wonderful I-can’t-believe-someone-would-think-to-get-me-this gift I ever received was my Jura Capresso Z5; it’s so important to me that it takes up 19 of the whopping 30 inches of counterspace in my kitchen. I totally get why you love it. Hurrah for spouses who really know us, hurrah for birthdays and hurrah for you! Colleen

  2. Some would say you are a spoiled brat but say you are not a spoiled brat, you are a lucky spoiled brat!!! A great machine and a thoughtful husband, just don’t tell me he serves you coffee in bed because I will gag! Ha Ha Can you tell I’m a wee bit jealous. I love to see all you have been up to and all the fun you have and create. If you have a minute and want to show off your Gaggia espresso machine give me a shout, I miss you giving me S—, I’m still here in the upper side of town working clay and succulents. In advance, I hope you have a wonderful BIRTHDAY

    • Brenda, I promise there is no breakfast in bed happening here, but mostly because sleep is the only thing I love more than coffee (I know the two don’t go together) so he knows better than to disturb me before my feet hit the floor, lest he looses an apendage.
      I’m here all the time, so feel to drop by any time. Miss you.

  3. Karen, an awesome woman deserves an awesome Christmas present. From now on I’ll just think of it as “The Shrine Of Awesomeness.” You’ll have to make sure there’s an appropriately awesome place for The Shrine in the kitchen of your new house. Maybe a golden pedestal in the middle of the room. The only thing better would be a totally ripped, hunky dude to bring you your coffee–oh wait, you already have one of those. Then I guess it really is the perfect present. Happy Birthday!

    • Yeah, Lisa, I mentioned that it would be hard to put this thing in a smaller kitchen when we move. We may have to make a coffee bar out of a little table. Just gives me an excuse to hunt for a table…….like I need an excuse.

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