My Challenge

“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.” Tony Gaskins

Up until 18 months ago I had been living my dream as a decorative paint contractor. I have painted, glazed and plastered all over San Diego, and it was fun for awhile, but then it turned into something I dreaded.

After closing my business I found myself facing an enormous stockpile of paint, plaster and faux finishing products. When you clean out a normal office you can recycle a lot of it or donate items to a charity. Not so with paint products.

I decided to challenge myself by not buying any new products until I’ve used up my considerable stash. Thus the title of my blog – destashio (no, that’s not a real word). Destashing will force me to be creative with what I have and how I use it. More than that, I’m hoping that through this process I will find a new direction for my work by taking the time to build my own dream.

The Challenge: I will not buy any new products* until I get rid of all my excess paint supplies.

The Deadline: My husband and I plan to move from the suburbs to downtown when our daughter graduates from high school in 2 years. The deadline is July 2014.

The Rules: Destashing will be done in four different ways

  1. Using it
  2. Trading it
  3. Donating it
  4. Selling it

*Color exception – a purchase can only be made when a primary color (red, blue, yellow, white, black) in a category is gone and can’t be created through tinting.

The Stash page will keep track of my inventory as it dwindles away.


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