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How did I get here?

I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of my blog and find myself needing to take stock not only of my Stash, but of the evolution of my artistic life.

One year ago I was emotionally and physically depleted. Closing my decorative paint company was what I wanted but I hadn’t figured out what to replace it with. I had also lost my passion for painting which had usually been my cure for depression (that and a lot of meds).  I started this blog to challenge myself to get rid of the large amount of paint products before 2 years was up and my husband and I downsize. We plan to move closer to downtown San Diego after our daughter graduates high school.

master bedroom projectI had thought that I would be able to find uses for all the paint and plaster either within my home or the homes of my friends and family. The paint has been easy to use up and I have very little left. The plaster is another story. In the past year my preferences have changed and I find myself wanting calm. The plaster feels too busy for me and I have avoided using it. I will have to come up with another plan to get rid of it.

message center

The organizational boards I’m making have become my new passion this year. Every single piece is different. It’s like putting together a puzzle and I love the challenge of fitting all the pieces together. What’s even funner is shopping to find the pieces. The boards I’m making not only allow me, but require me, to shop at flea markets, junk yards and estate sales. I have always wanted a good excuse to do it and am loving each and every treasure hunt. It’s become something my daughter and I do together and has brought us even closer. In a year when we’re not under the same roof, these outings will be something to keep us connected.

I’m so grateful for the changes this past year has brought. I am more able to give my all to my home and my family and I’m definitely more at peace.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking inventory of The Stash and reporting back my findings. Talk to you tomorrow.

Craft Supply Organizing at its Best

craft stationI know none of you are affected by good organization the way I am….this new piece I listed today makes me a little weepy.

Washi tape dispenserThis craft supply organizer was made to organize a scrapbooker. The paper holder is made from a book that’s over 12″ wide so it can handle 12″ x 12″ papers. The washi tape holders were made from old souvenir coaster holders. The have removable dowels so you can add/subtract rolls as needed. They hold 3 standard rolls each. Plus, they’re adorable.

ribbon organizerThe bottom shelf is made of galvanized steel. I’m not sure what this thing was originally created for, but I snagged three of them in the salvage dept of my local Veteran’s Thrift Store. It’s plenty big and sturdy enough to hold all sorts of glue, paint and craft punches.

ribbon rackThe ribbon rack was made from an old bottle rack. I just cut them apart so they could accommodate bigger spools. They’ll hold about 4 or 5 spools each.

craft centerIt’s a beautiful piece. I love the color combo, the fabric of the book, but really, I just love the idea of someone organizing all their craft supplies. The peace that comes from seeing all your crap turned into beauty is priceless, right?

If you’re itching to get organized, please visit my Etsy Shop.

Inventory used: acrylic craft paint, latex paint, Stain & Seal

Are you The Queen of Washi Tape?

Washi tape cabinetWashi tape is all the rage right now and if you haven’t bought a roll to play with I’d like to know what you’re doing with your time. Seriously! Washi tape is almost like post-it tape on a roll. You can tape something up with it, pull it off and it doesn’t harm the surface.

Washi Tape mural

Washi tape mural

The mural above was made using washi tape and when Rosa gets tired of it she can pull it down without leaving a trace of tape behind it. Great if you’re renting or in a dorm.

washi tape inspiration

washi tape inspiration

As you can see, the ideas are endless and the craft companies are coming out with new tape designs every day. I’ve even seen people striping their walls with the stuff, which totally beats painting stripes, striping with paint totally sucks.

washi tape storage

In response to the need to contain a person’s obsession, I created this washi tape cabinet.

salvaged wine boxI found this box at a yard sale. I’m guessing it was a wine box, based on it’s size and the imprinted graphic.

drilling holes for dowelsI drilled four holes on each side, big enough to insert four wood dowels. Easy peasy. Next I embellished it a little.

washi tape rackOkay, so I embellished it a lot. I wallpapered the insides with this cool grey, green and copper paper, painted the side a matching green, painted the dowels copper (Royal Design Studio Copper Stencil Creme), and glazed the whole box.

The collage on the front was a ton of fun to do. I painted in the castle, added a Queen, some flowers and two angels flying with bouquets of hydrangeas. Perfect.

lots of washi tapeThis cabinet can hold 80 standard washi tape rolls. Can you even imagine?! Now, obviously, I am not The Queen of Washi Tape. This is all the tape that my daughter and I own, and to be honest, we went out and bought a few more just so this photo didn’t look pathetic (that’s the kind of sacrifice I’m willing to make for my art). But for a serious taper (not a tapir, they don’t have thumbs, just hooves) this cabinet would give them the ability to not only contain their collection, but also add to it. Nirvana!

This was a really fun piece to make and I love how it came out. If you think you might be the Queen, or know someone who is, the cabinet is for sale in my Etsy Shop now.

Inventory used: acrylic craft paints, Stain & Seal

A place to keep your craft

craft supply organizerCraft supplies tend to reproduce if you don’t watch them carefully. This blog was created as a result of paint procreation that I allowed to get out of hand. Unfortunately, my hoard is not limited to paint. It also includes fabric, ribbon, paper ephemera and recently I’ve noticed that my washi tape collection is multiplying.

I know I’m not the only girl out there with this problem, so I decided to make some wall organizers that address the specific needs of crafters. This piece is the first of four organizers I’m building to help prevent craft overload.

washi tape rackThe left side of this organizer has two small wooden tea crates that are perfect for holding stickers, small scrapbook pads and SMASH book pads. They could also hold markers and pencils.

Beneath them is a washi tape holder I made from a little box I picked up at an estate sale. The dowel is removable so you can add or subtract rolls as needed. It will hold at least a dozen rolls which is more than any one person should have (at least one normal person….I’m not talking about tape hoarders).

mail organizerThe right side of the organizer has a medium size mail holder that I made from an old speedreading text book. The lining was made from a vintage cotton fabric and the book is decorated with black felt ribbon and two flocked resin roses. It hangs from two s-hooks hanging from two vintage drawer pulls. It’s the perfect size for journals or sewing patterns.

Along the bottom of the piece is a galvanized steel shelf that I made from whatever the heck this thing is……..I have no idea. It’s really sturdy and the perfect size for craft paints, glue and bottles of glitter.

On either side of the shelf are two wrought iron hooks I bought at Kobey’s swap meet. They look rusted, but I sprayed a clear topcoat on them so the rust won’t rub off on to anything.

art supply organizerAround the top section I’ve attached an old metal folding ruler, just because it looks cool. All the wood moldings are salvaged, but the paint finishes are new.

It’s a great little piece and I’m really happy with how it came out. It would look great in a craft room or above a childs’ art space. It’s available in my Etsy shop now.

One down, three more to go!

Inventory used: latex paint, craft paint, Stain & Seal

Organizing Beautifully

mail organizerI’ve recently sold five of my Message Center boards and my Salvaged Sanity shop was looking kind of empty. So after working outside for a week on my new bench, I’m back in the studio working on boards.

This is my latest Mail Organizer which is designed to keep things organized in a kitchen or office.

mail holder and corkboardThe left side of the board has a large mail holder made out of a book. It’s lined with a dark olive cotton and embellished with felt ribbon, and some metal filigree. Below this hangs three metal cups that are perfect for holding paper clips, rubber bands or spare change.

chalk board and mail holderThe center panel has a hand made wooden tray that I’ve fashioned in to a fabric covered corkboard, with fabric covered button tacks and a chalkboard with a cute little silver cup to hold the chalk.

The left side has a smaller mail holder, two hand made wrought iron hooks (found the maker at the Kobey swap meet) and a pencil holder that I made from some type of cup (I’m sure one of you Boy Scouts out there can tell me what this is).

message centerAll the moldings on the back are salvaged from estate sales and salvage yards, but I put new stains and painted finishes on them to make them prettier. I’m in love with how it came together.

All my boards are available in the Salvaged Sanity Etsy shop, so please check it out.

Inventory used: latex paint, Stain & Seal

Taking Stock of a Meager Hoard Pile

Last week was a good week for my new Etsy Shop. I sold two mail organizer boards in two days. Two others were sold just a few days before that. So panic ensued…….Oh my God there’s nothing left in my shop! Time to get back in the studio. Trouble is, the studio was missing vital components……..books and wood. Can’t make a board without books or wood. Looks like I’m shopping.

awesome booksTotally scored at a thrift store. These Reader’s Digest Condensed books are STUNNING! I nearly peed my pants. I also found some pretty, colorful books at a library sale that will be great for the large mail holders. I bought a bunch of metal filigree at the swap meet on Mother’s Day that are going to make my books so beautiful. I can’t wait to dress them up.

wood pileI hit the local Habitat ReStore to restock my wood pile. Found some quality (aka trashed!) moldings for the next set of boards. I keep finding cedar paneling at estate sales. I guess there’s a lot of people out there who think they’ll line their closets with cedar and then never really get around to it. Their loss!

mail organizerSo here’s my layout for a new mail organizer. It will have two book/mail holders, a chalkboard/pinboard, 3 bowls for paper clips and tacks, two wrought iron hooks and a big pencil holder.

craft supply organizerI’m creating four new boards that will be specifically created to hold crafting supplies. This is one of them. There’s a great metal shelf for bottles and jars and one of the crates is going to be altered to hold a ton of washi tape. Awesome!

craft organizerThis is going to be another craft organizer with three wood washi tape holders. It will also hold spools of ribbon and tons of glitter, glue and paint on the two metal shelves. I found these metal shelves in the salvage section of the local Veterans Thrift in Chula Vista. I don’t know what their real purpose is, but they’re going to be so wicked cool on my boards.

There are two more craft organizers still being laid out and designed. I want them to be really helpful in corralling the kind of clutter that happens in craft rooms and at the same time be beautiful to look at. Wish me luck.