A place to keep your craft

craft supply organizerCraft supplies tend to reproduce if you don’t watch them carefully. This blog was created as a result of paint procreation that I allowed to get out of hand. Unfortunately, my hoard is not limited to paint. It also includes fabric, ribbon, paper ephemera and recently I’ve noticed that my washi tape collection is multiplying.

I know I’m not the only girl out there with this problem, so I decided to make some wall organizers that address the specific needs of crafters. This piece is the first of four organizers I’m building to help prevent craft overload.

washi tape rackThe left side of this organizer has two small wooden tea crates that are perfect for holding stickers, small scrapbook pads and SMASH book pads. They could also hold markers and pencils.

Beneath them is a washi tape holder I made from a little box I picked up at an estate sale. The dowel is removable so you can add or subtract rolls as needed. It will hold at least a dozen rolls which is more than any one person should have (at least one normal person….I’m not talking about tape hoarders).

mail organizerThe right side of the organizer has a medium size mail holder that I made from an old speedreading text book. The lining was made from a vintage cotton fabric and the book is decorated with black felt ribbon and two flocked resin roses. It hangs from two s-hooks hanging from two vintage drawer pulls. It’s the perfect size for journals or sewing patterns.

Along the bottom of the piece is a galvanized steel shelf that I made from whatever the heck this thing is……..I have no idea. It’s really sturdy and the perfect size for craft paints, glue and bottles of glitter.

On either side of the shelf are two wrought iron hooks I bought at Kobey’s swap meet. They look rusted, but I sprayed a clear topcoat on them so the rust won’t rub off on to anything.

art supply organizerAround the top section I’ve attached an old metal folding ruler, just because it looks cool. All the wood moldings are salvaged, but the paint finishes are new.

It’s a great little piece and I’m really happy with how it came out. It would look great in a craft room or above a childs’ art space. It’s available in my Etsy shop now.

One down, three more to go!

Inventory used: latex paint, craft paint, Stain & Seal


Repurposing Trash

chalk paint tableOkay, so I’m kinda cheating by showing the ‘After’ picture first…..just trying to get you to stay on my blog for more than 12 seconds. What’s the rush?! Okay, okay, I’ll move on…..

My friend was looking for a piece of furniture to use in a photo shoot and I found this sewing table in my neighborhood on trash day. It had great mid-century modern style, and no rats living inside, so I threw it in the back of my car.

Annie Sloan's chalk paintI painted it with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and it looked great in the photo. The thing was, I painted it in what I call “Photo Lazy Style.” Meaning, it was painted so that it looks good in a photo, but not good enough to be used in real life. The inside and back side weren’t painted, because they aren’t seen in the photo.

damaged tableThis piece is actually a sewing table, so the top opens up and it has a hole for a sewing machine to be stored in (I know that seems obvious, but I’m just trying to keep everyone in the loop). The wood had a heavy varnish on it that was damaged and chipping away. I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Barcelona Orange to make it photo ready, but the inside was left for me to do later.

planter liningI sanded the wood with an 80 grit sandpaper and then stapled a plastic liner around the edge of the hole. (This ended up being a bad idea…..so stay tuned)

trim moldingBecause I thought the black plastic around the edge looked tacky, I quickly cut a few pieces of trim to cover them and nailed them down. I had also hoped that they would help keep the plastic attached (totally didn’t work…….keep staying tuned).

Chalk Paint supplies


I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Provence for the inside. Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint is popular for many reasons, but mostly because it will stick to nearly anything without need for a primer. Typically she does it with brushes without smoothing out the brush marks. I wanted this to be smoother so I rolled it………okay, okay, I did it with a roller cuz it’s faster……sheesh!

blue chalk paintThis is the piece done with two coats.

failure to use primerWhen working with questionable topcoats or veneers they recommend always priming it with shellac. When I did the orange on the outside I did it right and sprayed a layer of  shellac before I painted and it kept all the old nasty stuff from seeping through the orange paint. This piece is destined for the outside and I want it to look weathered pretty quickly so I painted it without a primer. I bumped up the contrast on the photo so you can see the discoloration coming through the paint. Just wanted you to know why you prime if your goal is to have a pristine piece of furniture.

potted tableHere it is after I put the plants in and placed random objects on it to make the photo prettier. (Cuz people regularly wrap books in burlap, leave adorable tea cups out and place their gardening trowels just so………whatever, leave me alone)

chalk paint tableSo here’s the story behind the story (thanks for staying tuned): The plastic lining started to tear when I got the plants and soil in. I had a bad feeling that would happen. I had initially planned on using chicken wire first, but that seemed like overkill, turns out that would have been the right amount of kill. When the plastic started to tear I grabbed a piece of muslin and laid down underneath the table and stapled it to the underside of the table as a reinforcement. I have a feeling that will rot away in a few months and I’ll come out in the morning to an empty table and a pile of dead flowers on my porch. Whatever, at least I got a good photo today, and I think it’s adorable.

I did a lot of things with this piece that I wouldn’t have done if I had planned on using it inside or if I was going to sell it. Please keep that in mind when you read through the process. Since it was rescued from the trash, and being used as a planter, I skipped a lot of steps. Please don’t judge my painting ability by this post. I’m way more anal with stuff that matters….ask anyone that lives with me.


Flea Market Wall Organizer

wall organizerToday I’m showcasing my second wall mounted organizer. This cheery little board was so fun to make. The color scheme came from the red floral cotton I used on the mail pouch. The combination of red, pink, lime green and white just makes me happy.

coupon holderI love when I find a book that has a cool front cover I can use. This one is emblazoned with the word MONEY in gold. This smaller sized book is great for coupons, stationery, and of course, money.

Hanging next to the pouch is a notepad with a fabric backing of black plaid that I bought in Paris. The clip and hardware are salvaged.

Both the pouch and pad can be removed when the 3-ring binder spine is pulled open.

pink chalkboardI made the chalkboard from an old frame. The chalkboard surface was painted with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in the color Graphite. I installed a handy rail to hold chalk but there’s plenty of room for pens as well.

The box is an old Sunlight Cheese crate I picked up at a flea market. It’s the perfect size for so many things like journals, glasses, and phones. All the things you need as you’re walking out the door.

There are two vintage hooks on either side. One is brass and one is cast iron and it has two prongs which is really different. A great place for keys or the dog’s leash.

wall mounted organizerThe overall dimensions of this wall organizer is 16″w x 24 1/4″h x 5″d (the depth is measured at the crate). It’s a great little piece with so much character, I know it will bring an element of fun to whatever space it graces.

Please check out my new Etsy shop and share it with friends.

Inventory used: Latex Paint, Stain & Seal

Estate Sale Liquidators

Patrick"s LiquidationsToday’s adventure was an outing to Patrick’s Liquidations in Spring Valley. Patrick buys estates, organizes them and offers them up for sale. It’s like a giant garage sale, but you don’t have to get up early on a Saturday. I was looking for books, frames and hooks for a project I’m working on. I found everything on my list and paid $7 for my whole haul. Awesome!

thrift store shelfThere’s one inside room full of dishware, pots, pans artwork and records. They also had items that my daughter and I agreed should not be sold second-hand: cosmetics, toiletry items and maxi pads. Ewwww. If you happen to be one of those people that buy bathroom products second-hand, I’m not judging, I’m just saying, Ewwww (ok, so maybe I am judging).

princess furnitureThis set of princess furniture was just screaming for a Chalk Paint makeover, but it wouldn’t fit in my Prius so I had to leave it behind.

creepy dollsThey have a really nice selection of creepy dolls right now. I’m sorry the photo isn’t better. They keep these beauties behind glass. It keeps them from getting manhandled.

barber chairI love this barber chair and it’s in perfect condition. I could see it in a man cave, or on a front porch in Alabama. If I had a loft in downtown I’m sure I could find a place for it. Of course my husband would decide he feels like Captain Kirk when he sits in it, and I’d never get to sit in it. Guys suck.

oak curio cabinetThis stunning piece is one I’m still dreaming about. It’s solid oak, with a mirror that’s antiquing perfectly and the coolest carved feet. I’m not going to tell you how much they want for it because I would hate you forever if you bought it before me. Maybe I’ll sell my car……….

Study Spot Makeover Complete

I am going to apologize up front for the number of images in this post, but I can’t help myself, I am madly in love with how this makeover turned out. But can you blame me? It’s so perfect! I have to admit that I stopped and stared at this space about a hundred times yesterday after we got it all finished. It’s a radical difference from where it began.

Horrifying! Stop it! I hate it!

Here’s the finished project before Dianna decorated it. So what you’re looking at is a wall paneled in planks, moldings, antique drawers,  three crates, and random flotsam from the studio. I stained all the planks prior to installation and then cut them to fit around the big pieces that I installed first.

A big thank you to my husband who showed me how to use the power jigsaw and nail gun. The tools definitely made this job go more quickly.

There are two dollhouse windows and two doors that I made from the dollhouse kit I picked up at thrift store. My daughter printed out two images to put behind the windows so you have a view out the windows.

In the upper left corner is copy of the Edgar Allen Poe poem “Annabel Lee” which is my daughter’s favorite. The door panel on the right will be painted with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Primer Red so that my daughter can use it as a chalkboard.

I love the dimension that the doors and crates add to the wall. The finish on the desk and the cast iron drawer pulls coordinate perfectly.

One of the drawers showcase her rubber duck collection and the drawer on the bottom holds her Tim Burton characters from “The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories.” The antique typewriter is her inspiration to write.

The really old, big crate holds her really big books. I love how they look all lined up together. The lower drawer hold her collections of rocks, candy and sea glass (all in separate jars because that mix sounds dangerous). The silver bar and the orange bar (seen in the last image) are magnet bars. The poem on the right is another favorite, “A Dream Within a Dream.”I put a really deep shelf above the window and it holds her Harry Potter collection as well as her Shel Silverstein books and other favorites. The pink puff is a character from Harry Potter.

I hand stamped a favorite quote on one of the planks with a set from The Curiosity Shoppe that’s selling in Target right now for $10. I love the set because all the letters and numbers have different fonts, so it’s very whimsical. It was perfect for her favorite quote from Alice in Wonderland, “Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

So there it is, a brand new study spot. She broke it in yesterday with a little history homework. She says the old walls made her feel like a little kid, but now she feels like a college-bound scholar. Maybe this makeover will result in straight A’s this year. One can only hope.

Inventory used: oil-based stain, Stain & Seal