Stuff that kept me busy last week

After my daughter’s bathroom renovation was finished, I had a lot of work to catch up on, namely, I closed the Destashio Etsy shop.  I moved any items related to storage and organization into the Salvaged Sanity shop. It’s been too hard to run two shops and I want to focus where my passion is……..organization and storage.

I made two new items for the shop last week:

DIY mail organizerThis is a Message Center Board as it comes… accessories. This board has two 3-ring binder spines, so it can hold two mail holders, frames, or notepads in a number of combinations. There are two magnet boards at the bottom covered in a beige/blue/green floral patterned fabric. The board comes with four magnets made out of decorative bottle caps. Flanked on either side is a set of clothespins stamped with the words, “save” “date” and “remember”, to help hold on to important notes.

DIY board with accessoriesThis is what it can look like with a few additions. This is just one example but there are other options available in the shop.

I also made this little beauty:

mail-organizerbee pendantAdorable, Ay?! It’s a mail holder for the DIY Message Center Boards. I had a ball making this one. Totally cool!

flea market findsWe made it to an estate sale on Friday. Really interesting sale. Let’s just say there were raw animal pelts hanging in the closets, slowly disintegrating, completely nasty. They also had a whole room of dolls, the creepy kind. I almost brought home one of those stuffed monkeys that freak me out in horror movies, but I couldn’t bring myself to touch it. I brought home the few treasures above. A couple cool frames and some neat illustrations that I can include in a new art wall I’m putting together. The little pieces of brass and the drawer pulls will end up on a board some day I’m sure.

But the best thing I found was this…..

Priscilla and FionaThis was a painting done by the former homeowner, Betty Sagan. She may have had a doll fetish and a few too many animal remains to host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but she was also an artist.

This beauty was hanging over her fireplace and I just fell in love with her. I know there is a bit of a creepy factor in her, but that’s why I grabbed her. Her daughter was so glad to see her mom’s work go to a home that appreciated her. I have her hanging right in front of me when I watch tv. Her eyes definitely follow me when I leave the room, but I appreciate the company. I have named her Priscilla and I call her cat, Fiona, and I love them completely. Don’t come over if you can’t take it. They’re precious.

So that’s what I’ve been doing………what’s been keeping you busy?


Organizing Beautifully

mail organizerI’ve recently sold five of my Message Center boards and my Salvaged Sanity shop was looking kind of empty. So after working outside for a week on my new bench, I’m back in the studio working on boards.

This is my latest Mail Organizer which is designed to keep things organized in a kitchen or office.

mail holder and corkboardThe left side of the board has a large mail holder made out of a book. It’s lined with a dark olive cotton and embellished with felt ribbon, and some metal filigree. Below this hangs three metal cups that are perfect for holding paper clips, rubber bands or spare change.

chalk board and mail holderThe center panel has a hand made wooden tray that I’ve fashioned in to a fabric covered corkboard, with fabric covered button tacks and a chalkboard with a cute little silver cup to hold the chalk.

The left side has a smaller mail holder, two hand made wrought iron hooks (found the maker at the Kobey swap meet) and a pencil holder that I made from some type of cup (I’m sure one of you Boy Scouts out there can tell me what this is).

message centerAll the moldings on the back are salvaged from estate sales and salvage yards, but I put new stains and painted finishes on them to make them prettier. I’m in love with how it came together.

All my boards are available in the Salvaged Sanity Etsy shop, so please check it out.

Inventory used: latex paint, Stain & Seal